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Sep 24, 2022

Talking to a Loved One About a Move to Assisted Living

It can be hard to talk to your loved ones about moving into assisted living , so don't push them too hard and make sure they feel safe and comfortable with the idea, one expert advises. "Start the c ..

Sep 23, 2022

America's ER Docs Alarmed by Rising Violence From Patients

The stories grabbed headlines during the pandemic: Violent episodes in U.S. emergency rooms where patients attacked doctors. Now, a new poll shows just how widespread the problem has become: Two-th ..

Sep 23, 2022

Blood Clot Risk Remains Higher Almost a Year After COVID

An increased risk of blood clots persists for close to a year after a COVID-19 infection, a large study shows. The health records of 48 million unvaccinated adults in the United Kingdom suggest that ..

Sep 23, 2022

Type 1 Diabetes Is Tougher on Girls Than Boys: Study

Girls with type 1 diabetes may fare worse than boys when it comes to blood sugar control and other critical aspects of their health, a new research review finds. The review of 90 published studies ..

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