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Are you at a weight that lets you feel and look your best? If not, it's time to start managing your weight.

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Mononucleosis is an acute infectious disease that affects the respiratory system, the liver, and the lymphatic system. It is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. This video looks at who is at risk for this infection and typical symptoms to watch for.

New Food Labels Keep It Real: Real Sugars, Real Calories, Real Portions

For the first time in 20 years, your food labels are about to get a huge makeover. The FDA approved a label revamp that will affect over 800,000 food labels. Here’s what you need to know.


Obesity is not just a “weight problem.” Obesity is a long-term disease that can cause serious health problems. It can affect both adults and children. Watch and learn what obesity is and the steps you can take to get to a healthy weight.


Detailed information on obesity, including obesity causes, obesity health effects, obesity medical treatment, obesity surgical treatment, maintaining weight loss, and obesity prevention

Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease in Women

Detailed information on obesity and cardiovascular disease, including risk factors for heart disease and information for losing weight and lowering your risk

Obesity Basics: What Is It? How Is It Treated?

There is an epidemic of obesity in this country, health experts say. But what is obesity? How is it measured?

Obesity in Children: How Parents Can Help

Most children become obese because of a poor diet, lack of physical activity, and other lifestyle issues. In rare cases, however, a child's excess weight may be because of a specific illness.

Diseases & Conditions

Obesity in Teens

Obesity is when a teen has too much body fat. Obesity is a serious, long-term disease.

Obesity Treatment Overview

Whatever treatment plan a person follows, losing weight slowly will be more effective and healthy over the long-term.

Older, Wiser, Wider?

Getting older doesn't have to mean getting wider, the experts say. The first step in the fight against flab is knowing your opponent. Take the following quiz to find out how well armed you are.