Safety & Prevention Topics

Many injuries can be avoided by taking preventive steps at home, on the road, and when you're at play.

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Watch That Backpack Load

Most children rely on backpacks to carry books and supplies to and from school and activities. But a backpack that's too heavy or doesn't fit right can cause harm.

Water Safety for Children

Preventive steps parents can take to protect their children from drowning.

Water Safety—Prevention

A detailed look at water safety and drowning prevention tips for kids of all ages.

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Water-Safety 101: Basic Guidelines

Every year, thousands of Americans are injured or killed in boating and swimming accidents.

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What to Do If You Have to Evacuate Your Home

Consider in advance what kinds of disasters might strike your area. Do you live in an earthquake zone? Is flooding a possibility? Then think about what you'll do in an emergency.

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What You Can Do to Prevent Child Abuse

Child abuse can happen in any family and in any neighborhood. Studies have shown that child abuse crosses all boundaries of income, race, ethnic heritage and religious faith. Read on for helpful tips for stopping child abuse.

Workplace Interruptions Quiz

Chances are, workplace interruptions are robbing you of time and the ability to concentrate on important tasks.