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Many injuries can be avoided by taking preventive steps at home, on the road, and when you're at play.

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Step-by-Step: Using a Hand Sanitizer

Here are the steps for using a hand sanitizer to clean your hands.

Step-by-Step: Using Eye Drops

This video shows how to use eye drops.

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Stop Dating Abuse Before It Starts

Teen dating violence is worrisome. But it's not inevitable. Here's how you and your teen can avoid possibly unsafe situations and reduce the risk for problems.

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Street Hockey: Good Surface, Gear Are Critical

Street hockey is popular because it's cheaper than regular hockey and can be played anywhere there is a hard surface.

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Tips for Driving After Age 60

A person's ability to drive isn't based on age alone. Age-related changes in vision, physical fitness and reflexes, however, may be reasons to reevaluate your abilities behind the wheel.

To Pitch or Not to Pitch: A Guide to Food Expiration

The date on that loaf of bread has passed, but there’s no mold. Is it okay to eat? Throwing something away before it’s gone bad seems like a waste, but keeping it too long can be a health risk. Licensed dietician Rachel Baer helps you sort out what to pitch and what to keep.

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Detailed information on safety and injury prevention of children

Topic Index - Safety and Injury Prevention

Detailed information on safety and injury prevention of children

Toy Safety

Detailed information on toy safety and injury prevention in children

Toy Safety—Identifying High-Risk Situations

Small toys or toys with small removal parts are not appropriate for children ages 3 and younger.