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Although genetics determines how long we will live, it's the lifestyle we choose that will determine how healthy we are as we age.

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Alcohol and Older Adults

Many older adults enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a beer while watching the game on TV. But alcohol can affect older adults differently. Here's what you should know.

Assisted Living (AL)

Assisted living (AL) is a setting for older adults or in some centers, adults of any age who are living with disability.

Caregivers Need to Care for Themselves

More than 22 million Americans are involved in some form of helping elderly family members or friends with their daily routines. If you're part of this group, whether you call yourself a caregiver, or simply a good daughter or son, you know that caring for an aging parent or friend has its rewards and its trials.

Caregiving for Cancer: The Importance of Accepting Support

Even as a caregiver, it can be hard to accept support from your community. Stacy McQuaide's husband was diagnosed with cancer. She explains why it's so important to say yes to friends and family who want to help.

Caring for Cancer Patients: Stay Positive

As a caregiver, staying positive is key. Stacy McQuaide shares her experience caring for a husband with head and neck cancer, and explains what allowed her to let her guard down.

Dementia: I Don't Know Who This Person Is Anymore

When given the news your parent has dementia, how do you cope with caring for a stranger? Here are some experiences and lessons learned from a few who have traveled this road.

Depression Not a Normal Part of Aging

Depression is not a natural part of growing old. It's a health condition that should be treated aggressively. Read on to learn more.

For Older Adults: Don’t Brush Off Dental Care

Older adults may have dental concerns that can't be fully taken care of with just brushing and flossing. Here's what you should know.

For Older Adults: You Can Beat the Heat

After age 65, your body can't adjust to changes in air temperature--especially heat--as quickly as it did when you were younger. That puts you at risk for heat-related illnesses.

Helping Someone with Memory Loss

In older people, it's easy to mistake memory problems for the everyday forgetfulness that some people have as they grow older.